The 2022 Ford Edge offers the latest in driver-assist technology, with features like Blind Spot Information System and Pre-Collision Assist. The blind spot information system uses radar to monitor your blind spots and warns you if another vehicle is nearby.

The evasive steering assist system detects a potential collision and helps steer the vehicle away from danger. It can be used when your vehicle is traveling at low speed, so you have time to avoid an accident.

The auto high-beam headlamps detect when oncoming cars are approaching and will dim your headlights accordingly. This helps to ensure that you don't dazzle other drivers while providing maximum visibility for yourself.

The adaptive cruise control also allows you to set a maximum speed that the car won't exceed. The system employs an auto-braking feature to help maintain a safe distance and prevent collisions. With the Enhanced Active Park Assist feature, you can easily back into or drive out of a parallel parking spot. The system uses sensors to detect suitable spots and will help guide your vehicle into the space.

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